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Intertops Poker Review: Best Rakeback Online

Intertops have been rocking it in the poker scene now for more than two decades as you will realize while you read this Intertops Poker Review.

After that moment, Intertops never looked back as now they are the complete online gambling experience with a sportsbook, casino and the best product, the Poker.

While being part of the US Horizon Poker Network, Intertops Poker also accepts players in other European Countries.

Popularity increased when Intertops became the first online gambling website to introduce the single login for all casino together with a mobile poker client.

In simple terms, today, Intertops Poker is the flagship of all online poker websites and one would do really well to surpass their achievements.

Intertops are one of the many online gambling websites which accept cryptocurrencies for deposit and withdrawals.

But the true question is, what separates Intertops from other online gambling competitors? The rakeback.

Keep reading our Intertops Poker Review to get to know more about it.

Brief Overview of Casino

★ Website:

★ Bonus: First Deposit 200% up to $1,000

★ Minimum Deposit: $25

Intertops offers sportsbook, online casino, and poker. First, off this Intertops Poker Review, we will give you a brief look at the whole casino.

Due to the sites long-standing reputation, you can assume that Intertops offers the best deals and offers for all its clients.

Having opened up to the public in 1996 you know you are going to get one of the best gaming experiences on par with other sites and some of the best offers there is on the market.

Intertops’ sportsbook developed a certain reputation as being one of the most reliable and old fashioned betting sites that also paid on time and operated in an efficient manner.

Furthermore, it’s renowned as being at the top of most users as a must have an account due to its reputation.

Intertops Red online casino operates by using RTG which is RealTime Gaming software, this gives clients the ability to access a plethora of great games including a large variety of slots machines.

In this Intertops Poker Review, we will give you a thorough understanding of the promotions and tournaments.

Intertops Poker Rakeback

What really sets Intertops Poker apart from other online poker websites is the rakeback. What is it though?

Intertops Rakeback offering is a whopping 36%. Basically, players registered with Intertops will get 36% back from the total amount bet daily.

The 36% flat rate of the rakeback is the highest rate ever offered by an online poker website.

However, the rate it’s not the only remarkable aspect of this initiative. The money will be paid at a $10 increment on a daily basis, into your Intertops Poker account.

Yes, if you surpass the $10 mark, you will get the rest on the day after. You won’t lose the money.

The rakeback initiative is available on both ring games and tournaments.

The rake calculation of the Intertops platform is second to none and you can expect the payout in 24 hours of raking the required amount.

Intertops Poker Software

To be able to play Intertops you need to download the cutting edge software. Here are the minimum specifications to rock at Intertops.

CPU: 1.6 GHz
RAM: 512 MB
Display: 1024 x 768 resolution @ 16-bit color depth
Hard Drive: 60 MB

Intertops Poker Tournaments

Intertops offer a fine selection of tournaments to players to enjoy their day at playing poker.

While some tournaments are out for certain events, such as the No tax day, others are there to stay.

We will have a look at these next on the Intertops Poker Review.

Bounty Run Specials

The Bounty Run Specials is a new tournament series created to give the complete package to the esteemed players to prove their skills.

One of the pillars that Intertops base their success is by giving players new innovative ways to be able to increase winnings. This tournament is clear proof of that.

However, this is not an ordinary tournament. The Bounty run specials is a set of tourney series with special events and tournaments included.

This Tournament is scheduled for every last Saturday of every month and you will be the bounty hunter!

In every Summer and Winter, Intertops schedule a tournament with higher bounties for winners.

But that’s not all, every best and worst player of each tournament get’s a free ticket for this special tournament during summer or winter.

You can buy in in this tournament also by participating in the weekly satellite and win your way into these series.

So forget the long beach and Christmas festivities as there is only one place to be!

Montreal $500 GTD Lunch Date

Don’t be fooled by the name, this is no romantic lunch however, it’s likely you will fall in love with Intertops.

The schedule for this tournament is out and you will know exactly at what time and day you need to pick up your…..potential winnings.

This Tournament is a daily one from Monday to Saturday at 12:05 pm Eastern time which gives you 6 times a week to get good prize money.

Buy In is at $8.08 for 3,000 starting chips and re-buys are available.

Stockholm $500 GTD Sundowner Tournament

If you are looking for a European experience then this Sundowner Tournament could be the right tournament for you.

This tournament can give you huge winnings and if not, it’s still worth the good experience around.

Part of an industrious series that include the New York and LA Sundowner, the tournament runs from Monday to Saturday at 2:05 pm Eastern time and for $8 you get 2,500 chips with 10 minutes blind levels.

Exciting Yeah?

Honolulu Brunch $1000 GTD Tournament

The Honolulu Brunch is the second one in the Sundowner Series. Honolulu Brunch changed a bit down the years including the starting time.

Just like the Stockholm, it runs from Monday to Saturday but at 6:05 PM eastern time and the cost is $16.50 for 3,000 starting chips and 10 min blind levels with higher winnings.

Rebuys and add-ons are available too.

New York & Los Angeles SUNDOWNER

This tournament is another one part of the Sundowner family, however, it has been reshaped recently to keep meeting player’s expectations.

With the tournament name including two of the most prestigious cities in the world, the tournament is also prestigious amongst poker players around the world.

New York Sundowner starts at 8:05 pm Eastern time – nice way to end the day, while the Los Angeles Sundowner starts at 10:05 pm Eastern time. EVERY DAY.

The buy-in is just like the Honolulu edition – $16.50 and you get 3,000 starting chips with 10 min blind levels.

Sunday Sundowner

The Sunday Sundowner has an increased guaranteed prize pool again this year – $4,500 GTD.

In this tournament, the prize pool keeps changing and increasing to reward their loyal players.

One issue of the other sundowner tournaments is that bar the NY and LA tournaments other run on the rest of the week but not on Sunday.

Don’t worry, Intertops got you sorted. This Tournament runs on Sunday at 4.15pm eastern time. That’s Sunday sorted for you! Go out for lunch then enjoy a classic game of tournament poker.

Sunday Sundowner comes with a catch. While you can buy-in at $27.50 for 10,000 Starting Chips you can also qualify from other satellite tournaments.
Aussie Tournament Series

Needless to say, this series revolves around Australia sensation. It runs from Monday to Saturday twice at 5.05am eastern time and 07.05am.

Just like Australia, this tournament is rich and you are guaranteed with a nice pool of money.

Both tournaments have the same starting stack of $2500, 10 minutes blinds with an available 60 minute late registration with a different buy-in fee though.

The one that starts at 5:05 am has a buy-in of $8.80 while the one on 7:05 am has a buy-in of $5.50.

The Sunday Six Max

Sunday Six Max is a new tournament series in the Intertops Poker family. Sunday Six max is a tournament that gives you that edge of aggressivity in the play and structure.

The buy in is that of $1 which is crazy considering the huge amount of winnings you can make,

You can also re-buy in the tournament at a later stage, There is various other Sunday Six Max tournaments with higher buy-ins and higher winnings.

So keep Sunday free, because you’ve got loads of cash to win!

Intertops Poker Freerolls

Apart from the traditional tournaments, Intertops also offers an exclusive club of freeroll tournaments as explained in our Intertops Poker Review.

Keep an open eye on the ever-changing schedule for these tournaments as Intertops constantly change the schedule to meet more players available time to play.

Every day from Monday to Friday 2 freerolls per days give players the chance to participate in more tournaments and guaranteed winnings.

On the weekend they also hold a freeroll tournament. In these tournaments, you can also win tickets for other tournaments.

Intertops Poker Promotion

As you will read during our Intertops Poker Review, they are not just the best in the rakeback deal but are also amongst the best when it comes to other bonuses such as the Welcome and Non-Deposit bonus.

Apart from the list below, Intertops has other bonuses which are available for a limited time such as the popular Reload bonus.

Welcome Bonus

For players that have been looking forward to playing poker, the Welcome Bonus is literally a bonus. In this case. Is double the bonus. Yes, Intertops will increase 200% your deposit bonus by inputting 1000ITP in the registration form.

Note that the minimum deposit is $25 up to $1000 to get this bonus up and running. The bonus is paid out in $5 increments depending on your Frequent Player Point (FPP) which is around 84 per $5.

Non-Deposit Bonus

The Non-Deposit Bonus lets you exchange gold chips for real money. The bonus comes available in 3 ways.

You can either redeem $5 for 20 Gold Chips, $25 for 100 Gold Chips and $100 for 400 Gold Chips. All you need to do is send an email to intertops with subject “Gold Chips $x Bonus” where x is the one between the 3 amounts.

The payout is by a daily $5 increment.

The Merchandizer

The Merchandizer is a promotion in the form of a tournament. Put the winnings aside, the winners win an Intertops hoodie while the other 4 from the top 5 win an Intertops shirt each.

Nothing special one may say, but original and you don’t really find many other competitors who offer an initiative quite like this.

Other Loyalty Programs

Intertops offer certain Loyalty Programs to treat customers who continually place there trust and time in Intertops.

Frequent Player Points

After a player is dealt cards at any real money cash game the player will earn 1 FPP for every dollar raked.

During a tournament play, he/she will earn 7 FPPs per dollar in tournament fees paid.

Cash Game: If a table raked $2.35, all players at the table that were dealt cards will earn 2.35 FPPs

Tournament: Players that register for a tournament with a buy-in of $50+$5, the fee is the +$5 and the player earns 35 FPPs

Earning Frequent Player Points:
Cash Game: $1 Rake = 1 FPP
Tournament: $1 Fee = 7 FPP

Note: Rakeback players earn FPP’s at half the speed as non-rakeback players.

FPPs for Casino games are only awarded in the games accessible through the poker client.

Game TypeFPP Earned
Poker RingGamesEarn 1 FPP for every $1 raked
Poker TournamentsEarn 7 FPP for every $1 in Tourney Fees
Casino SlotEarn 3 FPP for every $100 wagered
Casino VideoPoker Earn 8 FPP for every $100 wagered
Casino Blackjack Earn 1 FPP for every $100 wagered
Casino Holdem Earn 3.5 FPP for every $100 wagered
Let it Ride Earn 5 FPP for every $100 wagered
Caribbean Stud Earn 5 FPP for every $100 wagered

Gold Chips

Playing at real money tables or paying for tournament fees will earn you Frequent Player Points (FPPs).

These Frequent Player Points will automatically turn into Gold Chips at a rate of 100 FPP for one Gold Chip.

Gold chips are then redeemed for different, unique prizes and free tournaments every month.

You can also raise the number of Gold Chips you have by playing the special ‘Gold Chips Sit and Go’ tournaments that you can find in the poker lobby.


As banking goes, Intertops keeps the player’s convenience as their forefront. The exhaustive list of ways to deposit and withdraw winnings is proof of that.


Visa and Mastercard

  • Duration: Immediately
  • Limits: $1000
  • Costs: NA

Bitcoin, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash

  • Duration: Up to 10 minutes
  • Limits:$25 – $2,500
  • Costs: NA


  • Duration: 1 to 24 Hours
  • Limits:1 Deposit per 5 days and Min: $100 and Max: $490
  • Costs: Vary


Bitcoin and Altcoins

  • Duration:48 hours
  • Limits: $100 – $2500
  • Costs: NA


  • Duration: 5 business days
  • Limits:$150 – $3000
  • Costs: $50

Bank Draft

  • Duration: 15 to 20 Business Days
  • Limits: $3080 – $6000
  • Costs: $80

Money Global

  • Duration: 7 Business Days
  • Limits: $185 – $450
  • Costs: $85

How to Register?

Step 3: Fill up your desired account details.
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Customer Support

With regards to customer support, Intertops is at the top of the game. Firstly we suggest visiting the FAQ section if you have any queries or problems because you are more likely to find your problem and answers and get your issue resolved quickly.

Intertops have a 24/7 live chat where you can go with all your problems and customer support client will aid you in whatever you need. Besides this, you can contact them via email, and contact them through this number 1-800-819-0919.


Is Intertops on Mobile?

Intertops doesn’t offer software for mobile yet, however, you can play on the browser. All you need to do is inserting the URL in the search bar and log in.

Is Intertops Good For Inexperienced Players?

Yes. Intertops is the home for many newcomers and so you are likely to join a room with players inexperienced like you.

Is the Rake Calculator free?

YES! In fact you used to need to pay to calculate the expected rake. But recent advancements in Intertops meant that they stopped charging admin fees for the calculator and now you can find it here.

Overall Rating

Intertops is one of the best online gaming sites right now. Being the oldest online site in poker they stayed relevant in this business.

You need to be innovative, modern and trustworthy and this is synonyms with Intertops.

The site has the reputation of backing it up. We base our rating on the following: Bonuses and Promotions, Customer Support, Poker Platform, Deposits and Withdrawals, and Games selection.

With Bonuses, this site is at the top of its game, especially when we are talking about the Rakeback percentage which is 36%. This is one of the best Rakeback deals that you will find online. We give Intertops 5/5 on bonuses.

When it comes to Customer Support, Intertops provides exceptional service. You can either message them via a 24/7 live chat where an operator will help you with your problems.

Having all the support you need with a low average waiting time, Intertops deserve a top 5/5.

The poker platform at Intertops is phenomenal, with a wide selection of tournaments and deals to complement these tournaments you will surely not be disappointed and entertained.

While the platforms deserve a 5/5. the games selection may be a bit restricted so 4.5/5.

You know you can trust one of the longest standing sites on the internet.

They have perfected their deposit and withdrawals so you will surely get the safest and easiest transactions. 5/5 when it comes to withdrawal and deposit.

Overall Rating: 4.9. Quite Impressive, yet, expected.

Still not satisfied? Then read our Ignition Poker Review.

4.8 rating

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