Etheroll Casino Review: Ethereum-Only Casino

If you thought that a casino is obliged to necessarily have a relatively big selection of games for it to be called a “casino”, then you are not exactly on the right path. Seems like what we knew up to this day has changed as a new kind of online gambling platform has risen.

Instead of using the king of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin that is Ethereum steps in the game. The name of this online gambling platform is Etheroll, and together we will answer the following question.

The question is – through one single game can this online “casino” manage to get players to bet on its game? Let’s have a look at what the Etheroll Casino has to offer.

About Etheroll Casino

Etheroll Casino Review

Name: Etheroll Casino


Bonuses: None

Minimum Deposit: None

The first thing you would notice after landing on the main page is that Etheroll Casino is not the most attractive. But, don’t get scared as the casino has a lot to offer in its innovative concept.

The website launched back in February of 2017 and immediately raised more than 160,000$ in Ether, which is Ethereum’s value token. Soon after that, the company took off with great success.

Etheroll Casino Games

The casino offers only one game, and you will see it as soon as you visit their site. On the “Play” home page you will be displayed with a straightforward game interface divided into three different columns.

At first, you will be asked to place the amount you want to bet. The minimum bet is 0.01 ETH. A maximum bet isn’t stated. Then you have to adjust your chance of winning. Depending on how much you turn that chance in your favour the amount you may get if you win changes as well.

In the next column, you have to input the number you want to roll under. Both the amount you can win and your placed wager is displayed underneath that. Then you have to roll, and the result will appear in the third column.

Keep in mind, though, that any time you win a commission of 1% on your earnings will be held. It doesn’t go to the site owners but towards the maintenance of the Ethereum Blockchain.

You have to remember that the site also has a small house-edge of 1%.

Now, that we have the basics of the game covered let’s talk more about how the whole system works.

How Does Etheroll Casino Work

The whole system of Etheroll runs on what is formally called a “smart contract”. But what exactly is that?

Think of a smart contract as an autonomous script, or a piece of code, or application that is stored in the Blockchain of Ethereum. As soon as you press that button which rolls the dice in the game Etheroll’s website provides, this script starts running. Taking your bet which may be a small portion of ether (known more technically as “gas”) enables is to run the code and give the outcome.

The number the smart contract outputs have as its source and after it is calculated with the numbers you input while getting ready to roll the final result is there.

If you were lucky and won, your earnings would get instantly paid to your wallet.

What is the Dice Token?

Etheroll Casino Dice Token

You can buy Dice Tokens using the EtherDelta exchange website. Based on the amount of Dice Tokens you have, you own part of the bankroll. So every time you roll the dice the house advantage favours you.

Every 12 weeks you will be able to withdraw the earnings your Dice Tokens generated while you were playing with the house advantage through these three months.

The process of being able to withdraw them with the push of a single button is still in development along with a countdown that will display how much time remains until the next withdraw stage.

4.9 / 5

You don’t have to worry about missing the 5-day window of being able to withdraw. If you do lose it, then your rewards are sent back to the general bankroll and will be given back to you on the next withdraw phase.

Can I Play Through My Normal Browser?

The answer to that question is simply no. You have to use one of the two following options. You could either download the Mist browser or install the MetaMask client.

If you go with the first option, then you would have to download and install the Mist browser. After that, you would have to visit the Etheroll website and sync to the latest active block going on in the network of Ethereum.

Then you would have to connect using Mist by clicking the “connect” button on the top right side of the window. Authorize your account, and you are ready to start gambling using Mist.

The second option is to download and install the MetaMask client. After that, you would only have to enable the chrome extension and sign in to your Metamask account. Afterwards visit the Etheroll website and start gambling.

Keep in mind, though, that their system featuring MetaMask is still in development.

Etheroll Casino Customer Support

Etheroll Casino Customer Support

Even though payouts are instantly delivered to your wallet, in case something goes wrong, you could contact them on their email. They ask you, though, to allow up to 24 hours before they see the message you have sent them.

Is Etheroll Casino Provably fair?

Yes, the site isn’t just provably fair but also has devoted a whole page on dedicated to the entire code. By code we mean the “smart contract” we talked about analytically previously in the article.

Who Is Etheroll For?

Etheroll is an excellent platform for people that want to play online casino and do just that. No fancy interface or animations.

Just a static website with a single “casino” dice game. It would be a good idea to know some things about how the whole Ethereum and cryptocurrency related things work before trying to use their website.

Etheroll’s Overall Rating

Etheroll Casino is provably fair

If we were to rate them based on the selection of games they have, then they would only get a 1/5. Simply because just one game is offered and the whole site and process system run behind it to back it up.

Their customer support service is brilliant and fast as it takes only a few hours for them to respond. However, it could be even quicker than 24 hours, so it’s not entirely perfect. They get a 4/5 in that section too.

Regarding the deposit methods, you would have to keep in mind that they are an Ethereum-only accepting casino. So on that, they do an excellent job. 5/5 on that matter.

There isn’t a mobile option yet, but the Etheroll Casino has announced on their Reddit page that they are working on it. Still, it isn’t here so a 3/5 will have to do.

Their withdrawal times are instant as they are using a cryptocurrency wallet dedicated to Ethereum. So 5/5 on that.

Even though Etheroll Casino is innovative, it doesn’t offer nearly as much as some of the biggest cryptocurrency casinos like BitStarz or Hence, we cannot rank it as high as we would love to.

So considering all five sections, they get an overall rating of 2.0.

Final Thoughts

After spending some time reading about people’s experience using the site and checking it out for ourselves, we would say that even though they are still way too early in development, their overall image is looking pretty good.

If you want you can try and bet some money on their dice game. Just gamble a few dollars to check them out so you can see if you find what they offer fun and exciting.

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This has been our Etheroll casino review. May you win every bet you place on their dice game. Always remember to play responsibly and without an urge. Good luck playing on Etheroll!

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