999Dice Review: Better Than Expected

What is gambling really all about? Making money or having fun?

Maybe a bit of both. This is what online casino owners had in mind when their platforms started popping up all around the Internet.

Roulette, Poker, Blackjack and many more table games can be complicated.

Have no fear though as there is a game totally easy to play without requiring you to think even for a minute. Just start playing and make some money.

We are of course talking about DICE and today we are going to present you with our own 999Dice review. So let’s check out if this is worth a spot on the top DICE casinos list.

What to Expect

  • Name: 999Dice
  • Website: www.999dice.com
  • Bonus: Free Faucet
  • Minimum Deposit: None

999dice review

A Look Inside 999Dice

As soon as you visit the website for the very first time you will realize that the sole purpose of this casino running is to make you money. No fancy design or interface. Almost everything is displayed in shades of black.

So why is this casino known for?

Their house edge of course. All similar sites provide a small 1% House Edge at best and those that offer less than that require you to first reach a specific level of their rewards or VIP system.

On 999Dice, the 0.1% House Edge offered is a permanent constant. So let’s take a look at what they have to offer.

Selection of Games

As the saying goes, it’s the name of the game, and this couldn’t apply any more than how much it already does when it comes to 999Dice. Yes, only one game is offered and this is, of course, a DICE game.

Let’s take a look at how it works. You get a basic dashboard with a simplistic interface. It is divided into three distinct columns.

The first column is where you will have to input the amount you want to bet. You can either bet a custom amount or select to bet the minimum/maximum by the available “min” and “max” buttons.

The minimum bet is 1satoshi (0.00000001BTC) and the maximum bet is based on the potential winning profit which is 40BTC. This is huge as the equivalent of 40BTC at the time of this writing is a bit more than 650,000 US dollars!

There are 4 other buttons in that section and each one of them will let you edit your bet amount in a different way. There is a “reset” one, a “10%”, a “double”, and finally a “half” button. These will change the amount accordingly.

The second column will let you edit the chance of a winning outcome with the smallest possible chance being 5% and the highest one at 95%. There are also 4 other buttons.

The first two will let you change the percentage to “49.95%” and “50%” accordingly and the other two buttons will let you “double” or “half” the current percentage.

The last column displays the potential profit and lets you choose whether you want to “Bet Low” or “Bet High”. Each of the buttons can be selected by a keyboard shortcut except for the “max” one.

On top of the whole dashboard, you will find 5 different options letting you choose which cryptocurrency you want to play with. Those 5 options are BTC, DOGE, LTC, ETH, and finally XMR.

There is also the option to automatically run the game for as many as 200 times where you can also select the minimum/maximum bet you want to have and what the chance of winning will be.

You can also select whether you want the bet to reset to the initial bet after a loss, a win or both.

999Dice Deposit & Withdrawal Methods

999Dice it’s the cryptocurrency gambler’s playground as there are currently 5 different ones that get accepted. These are Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Monero.

All transactions work both ways which mean that you don’t have to exchange your cryptocurrencies for Bitcoin in order to either deposit or withdraw. You can use each and every one of them as they already are.

All deposits can be done completely for free either by scanning the QR code linked with your account or by using the link provided from the site. Withdraws, however, all come at a small cost.

For Bitcoin the minimum withdraw amount is 2mBTC (0.0002BTC) which always comes with a prefixed processing fee of 1mBTC no matter how big or small the number of Bitcoin you want to get is.

For Dogecoin this fee is 1 Doge, for Litecoin it is 0.001 LTC, for Ethereum it is 0.001 ETH, and last, for Monero it is 0.04 XMR.

999dice deposit bitcoin


When it comes to the customer support service you can contact 999Dice in two ways.

You could either message them through the contact form or via the live chat option where you will usually find other players as well as the owner of the site under the name Admin (1).

If you choose to go with the contact form option make sure that you provide your email address as well so they can get back to you as soon as possible.

999Dice Bonuses

While there isn’t a bonus awarded to the players who deposit money to the site there still is a way to get up and going playing completely for free.

This is a method used by various similar sites and it is called “Faucet”. The faucet is often referred to as a free pool of money where players can withdraw a few funds when they have the need to.

However, 999Dice doesn’t “roll” like that (pun intended). Instead of letting you get some free chips to play with only when you are completely out of money they will let you access the free faucet and get some every 2.5 minutes!

We guess you have never seen something like this done before.

999Dice Mobile App?

Even though 999Dice doesn’t provide a dedicated mobile app you can still access the site and play from your smartphone or tablet.

This can be done because the design of the site is so lightweight and well optimized for mobile use that all devices regardless of their processing power can enter and normally use the site!

Who is this Casino good for?

Well, with a 99.9% return to player, this platform has to be the best in the world, moneywise, and everyone can play there as the betting limits can be either so small that they are considered almost non-existent or so high that you can cash in as much as 40 Bitcoins in one go!


999Dice offers a great referral system. For every person that creates an account on their site and deposits money, you will get half the amount of the house edge.

This is half of 0.1% so you get 0.05% for all the bets they make regardless of whether they lose or win!

999Dice’s Overall Rating

It is about time that we rate this online casino.

First, regarding their game selection we have but to give them a 5/5 as the whole platform is dedicated to a single game and because the house edge is so low they completely deserve those five points.

There may not be any bonuses but you can actually access the free Faucet and get funds every 2.5 minutes. This isn’t something you see every day. It even awards a bit of all cryptocurrencies and not just your preferred one. 5/5 for that as well.

As for banking even though they have implemented a flawless and rapid system we would still prefer not to see a transaction fee when withdrawing.

Still, the house edge is 0.1% so we guess the owners still have the need to make some money so we can’t blame them for that. 5/5 for this as well.

Mobile gambling on their platform couldn’t be any better than how it already is. Fast loading times and complete access to all aspects of your account as well as any section of the site. So once again we will give them a 5/5 for that.

The only thing that we didn’t like and found very irresponsible on their part is the absence of the support section. There is neither a telephone line nor direct live chat with the support.

We would at least like to see an email address being publicly displayed so the players could use it to contact the support. Unfortunately, we have to give them a 3/5 for that.

So how do we rate them as a whole? 999Dice’s overall rating is an amazing 4.6/5!


So, what did you think of our 999Dice review?

Personally, we believe that the people behind this platform are sheer professionals and great gamblers that understand what players want thus the very small 0.1% House Edge that they offer.

A place for everyone looking to have some fun while making some money, 999Dice is a place for everyone. Now go to their site, claim some money from the free faucet and give their game a go.

Good luck!

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999Dice Review Final Rating
  • Bonuses
  • Game Selection
  • House Edge
  • Site Speed
  • Support

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