Get Yourself Busy in the Middle of COVID-19 Pandemic

The world as we know it is changing, the coronavirus has been the catalyst for many changes in different industries and this includes the online betting one!

A lot of industries are trying their hardest to push the boundaries with what they can provide their clients in order to stay afloat. 

This will cause a lot of business to either go completely bankrupt and fail, and others that will push one to innovate the market and become benchmark businesses.

Here at BIT POKER STAR, our interest is the online betting world and this is what we are going to discuss here. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, all major events are being cancelled, with the exception of a few. The Premier League is a very good example of the consequences and precautions taken to slow down the spread as the event has been cut short and cancelled, along with other major football events and sporting events in general. That being said, as one can expect, the sports betting industry has taken a massive hit, there are no events to follow and bet on! 

Sport Events

Bettors are left scouring the internet for prevailing competitions and there are some! The Belarussian League is one of them as well as the UFC has some plans in order to keep fights going. This is also a great time for Esports to take a massive step forward since players don’t need to actually meet in order to compete, so we might see some great movement from this end.

From a different perspective, as sports is be calming down, online casinos might actually see a rise. People are constantly looking for something new to occupy their time, and during quarantine, one will quickly shuffle through their games and routine. It is very difficult to stay keen and excited to play different games unless they prove to be competitive and fun. Online Casinos are one of the key players in this game!

We can see that some major offline casinos might resort to going online to accommodate their players, but there is massive competition in this regard. Our first piece of advice that we give to all our readers is to be patient. Try out different casinos, read different reviews and check out their interface a bit. You do not want to put the money you earned into an experience you don’t like, so always try and be patient with this choice. There are enough casinos to go around so you will find one which you like, our website is full of articles and reviews for you to see and check out for yourself.

We recommend trying out a few games and seeing what you like and don’t like. Some casinos might be more inclined to poker, some to slots, some to blackjack and some might have an all-round experience. This is important if you are looking to spend time in a casino. If you are unaware or just inexperienced the smartest and easiest thing to do is to sign-up with a ‘jack of all trades’ casino and see which games you like and don’t like, thus getting the knowledge and experience you want. Below is a very brief description of some of the more famous casino games for anyone is not well versed in this market.

Casino Games

Quarantine offers the best time for you to explore! Ultimately you might not enjoy every game but you can learn how to play the games and be more knowledgeable on the market. To start off with one of the most famous games in all of the online casinos is poker. This game might not be the hardest to understand but it is a challenge to become very good at. You have to learn all the intricacies and small details in order to become a very good player. This should not dismay you! The learning curve of poker is very exciting because the game is built on tension, luck falls into it but knowing the game inside out and understanding your opponents is the biggest challenge.

Recommended Casinos

If you are looking for quick entertainment than slots should be your thing. These are easy, quick to use and quick to learn. All you need is some money and patience. There isn’t much to discuss with slots as they are widely known and almost if not all casinos have them.

Some other famous games are Blackjack, which is a very intense game that almost everyone knows how to play. This is one of the most accessible games in the casino catalogue because it is truly a fun game, with high stakes. A lot of people know how to play this game and it is easy to pick up. If you are new to the online casino world, we suggest learning how to play Blackjack and trying your luck with it. You don’t know when you will turn round a great profit!

Remember that for all these games you have to put your own money in it, so the BIT POKER STAR team urges you to play wisely and smart. Addiction is not something to be taken lightly and unfortunately, our market deals a lot with such issues.

Be aware, mindful and smart!

Roulette is a heavy hitter in the competition of favourite casino games. There are so many options and categories to bet on that it simply makes the game truly exciting. You can easily try your luck with roulette but be careful because knowing a bit of probability will be helpful. Some more experienced players will use this to their advantage so be aware and conscious of the bets you make. 

We can go along explaining how each game works because that will just be too long. We urge you to try out some of these games, a lot of casinos have their own games too and we suggest trying out a few. We just mentioned the most common games you will find in an online casino. 

The Coronavirus hit all industries hard, but with enough effort and persistence online casinos can improve their experience and can push over the highly saturated market to be not just An experience but The experience that players must go through.

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