Bitcoin Texas Hold’em: How To Get Started

The future of online gambling is based on two things, Bitcoin and Poker. Texas Hold’em is one of the most famous Poker games in the world, and now you can play it with BITCOIN! This is our guide on how to get started!

Do you want to eliminate the chance of losing when gambling? Then you should stop placing money on slots and Blackjack. That may sound a bit irrational but trust us, it is not.

The future of online gambling is based on two things, Bitcoin and Poker.

The easy to learn, yet hard to master game everybody loves but the majority of gamblers are too afraid to play because they are scared of losing. This is our target today, teaching you how to get started with Bitcoin Texas Hold’em.

Before we dive into the tactics and betting strategies you should use, we would like to explain a bit how this whole Bitcoin gambling thing works…

Bitcoin Poker Tournaments

Bitcoin Texas Hold’em: How does it differ from traditional poker?

Before you can start playing poker with Bitcoin, you must first understand how the game works. So let’s take a look at what you can expect to encounter.

The Rules

In order for a game of Texas Hold’em to kick off, there must be at least two players at the table and a maximum of 10.

Normally one of the players is the dealer but when playing in a casino there is a person who isn’t evolved in the game at all and his only job is to deal the cards and accept bets.

Each player will be dealt two face-down cards going clockwise around the table. As soon as all players have been dealt their hand (the two cards) the small and the big blind get in the game.

These are two buttons, usually imaginary, which are assigned to two near seated players.

If the small blind is $5 then the big blind is two times that like $10, for example. The big blind is the sign-in bet a player must place in order to enter the current round.

Each player can make either call, place the bet equal to the big blind, fold, leave the round, or raise which means to call the big blind and bet more money in the game. Players can constantly raise the biggest bet on the table whenever they want to, provided is their turn to make a move.

As soon as the initial bets have been placed, the dealer proceeds to the flop, which consists of three face-up cards that get put down for all players on the table to see.

The next stage is called the turn, where the fourth card is dealt, and the last stage is called river where the fifth and last card get put down.

Throughout all those stages players can bet again or apply any of the moves we mentioned earlier. There is also another move called All In. This move lets you bet all the chips (money) at your disposal.

The winner is determined by how strong your hand is. The power of a hand is based on how good the combination of your cards with the 5 face-up cards is.

These possible hands (provided with examples) can be, ranking from weakest to strongest:

  • High Card = when no one has at least a single pair then the person/s with the strongest card wins. Cards in order of descending power are A, K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, and 2.
  • One pair = have a combination of two same numbers like two 4s, two 7s or anything like that.
  • Two pairs = have two same combinations like both two 4s and 8s.
  • Three of a kind = have a combination of three same numbers like three 10s, for example.
  • Straight = have five numbers in a row like 3-4-5-6-7 or anything of that sort.
  • Flush = have five numbers of the same figure, NOT colour, like a 4-5-8-10-Q all of which are clubs, spades, diamonds, or hearts.
  • Full house = have three of a kind and another pair like 5-5-5-7-7.
  • Four of a kind = have a co280mbination of four same numbers like four As.
  • Straight Flush = When you have a straight which is a flush at the same time like A-2-3-4-5, all of them being the same figure.
  • Royal Flush = this is the most powerful possible hand you can have in a Texas Hold’em game. It is a straight flush of 10-J-Q-K-A. In some Poker variations, the figure of a Royal Flush can beat another.

These are the rules you need to know how to get started with Texas Hold’em. When you play online and especially with Bitcoin things change, not so much in the rules as in the nature of the game instead.

Keep reading and you will understand what we mean by that.

How is playing with Bitcoin different than playing for real money?

How is playing with Bitcoin different than playing for real money

The famous cryptocurrency often comes packed with its own set of rules. Real life tournaments will consist of tens of players, 100 at the most. Bitcoin ones can have a participant amount of more than 5,000.

Because of that, the pace of the tables (multi-table tournaments) is faster as well letting you make your move in 10-15 seconds rather than a minute or so you would have if you were playing in a real tournament.

The next thing with Bitcoin is the bonuses. Online poker rooms will either offer you access to a beginners’ Freeroll (zero buy-ins) with small prize pools or some cashback bonus on your loses.

Bitcoin ones are very different. They will offer you access to tournaments with massive prize pools or even extra cash to gamble with. In fact, here are 3 of the best Bitcoin online poker rooms and the bonuses they offer.

Apart from offering a great Sportsbook and a live casino, BetOnline offers one of the best Bitcoin poker rooms as well.

Deposit at least 50$ in their Poker room and they will double it up to 5,000$. The bonus will be released to your account in parts of 5$ every time you reach a specific amount of Poker points which can be earned by simply playing the game. You will also gain access to the 10,000$ Freeroll tournament for new players.

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The casino owned by the Best Partners group couldn’t be missing a great Poker room and some even better Bitcoin bonuses. The same company owns Bovada as well as the review of which you can read on our site.

Join their site and play some games. As soon as you proceed to the 1st tier of the loyalty program you will gain access to 2,500$ Poker Freeroll tournaments.

Ignition isn’t good at offering bonuses straightforward. They rather make you work for it.

This is why you can exchange your hard-earned Poker points for real cashback bonuses. However, you would have to wager them at least 20 times before you could withdraw them.

Furthermore, they offer various Poker promotions like the Bad Beat Bonus where you can earn 100 times the big blind up to 1,000$ if your hand of Aces full ok Kings were beaten by a four of a kind or better. Win with a Royal Flush and you will get 50 times the big blind up to 200$ as well.

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They are the biggest online Poker room for US-based players and they offer you the ability to play on their tables using Bitcoin.

Make a deposit of at least 25$ and they will double it up to 1,000$. This will be awarded to you 1$ per time for every 27.5 points you can earn through playing.

Sign in for the next 20 days and you can win anywhere from 2-6$ per day up to a total of 50$ for all 20 days.

You will also gain access to four 250$ prize pool new depositor Freeroll tournaments as well. However, it isn’t clearly stated whether this bonus applies when depositing and playing with Bitcoin.

There are tons of similar websites out there on the Internet that will let you deposit and play in their Poker rooms using Bitcoin. FortuneJack, CloudBet, and SwC (Seals with Clubs) are only three other choices out of the hundreds of other available ones.

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A simple betting strategy

The Rules

Try calling in the round only if you have a hand of two 9s or better. You could also go in if you have two neighbouring powerful numbers like 9-10, Q-K or just a strong hand like A-Q, A-10, or anything like that.

If you have the same figure as most of the cards dealt down you have good chances of hitting a Flush. If you only bet on this occasions the chance of losing becomes extremely smaller.


Maximizing your winnings can be easier said than done but when using Bitcoin to play Poker this can be eliminated. Learning how to get started with Bitcoin Texas Hold’em has never been easier.

Keep in mind that the bonuses mentioned in the sites we listed can change at any given time so if you want to earn some extra money by playing on them then the best time to sign up on their platforms is now.

Don’t let that opportunity slip out of your hands. Join in a table and start making some money by playing Poker using the strategy we told you to. Good luck!

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