How To Join a Bitcoin Poker Tournament

Everybody likes to gamble from time to time. Some prefer doing it by playing a bit of Blackjack. Others like the Roulette and a few want to take it easy and play some slots. But I am different than those people. I like a challenge, and this is why I love poker.

This game requires tactic and concentration mainly if you play in individual events. And this is what we are going to talk about today. How to join a Bitcoin poker tournament.

Why Bitcoin? Because it is the best “currency”, you can use to gamble online as it comes with various advantages over the same old fiat currencies.

What Is a Bitcoin Poker Tournament

bitcoin Poker tournament

When it comes to online poker, even though at first things may seem a bit unclear to you catching up is a fast process, but it requires time to practice. It is a lot different from real ones though, especially when it comes to the player count.

Real life poker tournaments will rarely go above 100 participants, and that is only in Las Vegas, Nevada or any other major gambling centre.

However, Bitcoin poker tournaments are held online, and that doesn’t mean that the host of the event has to reserve a large venue for the competition to take place.

This is the reason the number of players participating in online Bitcoin ones can often be in the five hundred and on some occasions it may even reach the one thousand mark or above.

Also, the playing time is affected on a large scale. Physical tournaments often don’t give a player a time margin in which he can make his move unless it takes a lot of time where the player will be asked to make his move or fold.

In online Poker tournaments, especially Bitcoin ones, things are a bit more fast-paced. If you have played any game like Zynga’s Texas Hold’em, you would know that players will be allowed 10-15 seconds to make a move before automatically folding.

This applies to online tournaments in the same manner, but it may enable players to have a bit more time like 30-60 seconds.

There are many types of poker tournaments, but the most common ones are the Sit-n-Go. You just pay a predefined amount to buy-in the game and all players start with the same amount of chips. Your goal is to eliminate all other players at the table by winning over their chips.

These can either be single-table or multitable, the latter of the two being the most popular one, especially when it comes to online tournaments.

Also, the prize pools are often way more prominent than the physical tournaments’. Real life ones will usually reward you with some hundreds of dollars where online Bitcoin ones’ prize pool will easily be in the thousands of dollars.

The only real-life ones that pay well are some like the WSOP which you have to be a professional player to gain access to and offer prizes of many millions of dollars.

So if you were worried about finding out how to join a Bitcoin Poker tournament, well, don’t it is straightforward, and we will talk more about it after the next segment.

General Rules Of Poker

rules of playing poker

Poker is an easy to learn but hard to master table game. It isn’t for everyone as it requires significant levels of concentration and patience. The most famous variation that is played in Poker tournaments all over the world is Texas Hold’em.

Apart from the dealer, there can be anywhere from two to ten players at the table. Each player is dealt two face-down cards, and then the game begins. Going clockwise there are two initial bet “buttons”, in most cases, there aren’t physical buttons, called the “small blind” and the “big blind”.

The players having those two next-to-each-other buttons are required to place those initial bets.

Afterwards, if the other players on the table think they can win their hand, they are free to either call, which means to bet an amount equal to the big blind, fold, which means to leave the current round or raise, which means to bet a more significant amount than the big blind.

The person with the small blind only has to call the current difference between the small blind and the biggest bet on the table.

After this, the dealer will deal down the three face-up cards called the “flop”. Then, another face-up card called the “turn” and finally the fifth, and last face-up card called the “river”. Between all these rounds players can bet as they did in the pre-flop stage.

In Texas Hold’em there is a series in which the combination of your hand and the five face-up cards can either win the opponents’ or lose. From least to most powerful these possible combinations are:

  • High Card – nothing, in this case, the player/s with the strongest card wins
  • One Pair
  • Two Pair
  • Three of a Kind
  • Straight – 5 in a row like 3,4,5,6,7
  • Flush – 5 of the same figure as A♦,3♦,7♦,8♦, J♦ for example
  • Full House – three of a kind plus another pair like A, A, A,7,7
  • Four of a Kind – the same number in all four figures like 5♣,5♦,5♥,5♠
  • Straight Flush – five of the same figure in a row like 2♥,3♥,4♥,5♥,6♥

In the case, a player has a Straight Flush which consists of 10, J, Q, K, A then this is called a Royal Flush, and it is the best possible hand you can get in a Texas Hold’em game. These are the simple rules you should know when playing Poker.

How to Join a Bitcoin Poker Tournament

Now that you know how the game is played and all the tournament types you will face let’s take a look at how you can join said events.

Step one: Purchase Bitcoin

This is an easy process. You just need to visit an online vendor like Coinbase, Cex, Kraken, and Binance. Then you will select a number of bitcoins you want to buy and provide the site with your bank account or credit/debit card details.

Step two: Get an eWallet

Most online exchanges will provide you with a free digital cryptocurrency wallet as soon as you make your first purchase with them.

Most of them are great and secure choices but if you want to store significant amounts of funds then maybe you should try getting a physical device. Most of them look like a USB, and they are easy to operate, but they are different to online ones as they provide more security features and measures.

Some good and reasonably priced choices are the Ledger Nano S, TREZOR, and KeepKey which are all trustworthy and entirely safe with retrieve and restoration processes in case something goes wrong.

Step three: Register on an online Bitcoin casino and deposit Bitcoin

It is as simple as only inputting a username and password to begin playing in most of the online primary Bitcoin gambling platforms.

After that, you just need to visit your profile’s dashboard, and there will be an option to connect your cryptocurrency wallet to your account. When you do that you will be able to choose the amount of Bitcoin you want to deposit into your account.

Withdrawing Bitcoin is also very simple – just have to include an address of your cryptocurrency wallet and click ‘send’.

Step four: Pick a good Bitcoin Poker Tournament

This is where you have to pay attention. Not all online Bitcoin casinos will provide poker tournaments nor will all that do, be legit and trustworthy.

Try going with an online gambling platform that is fully licensed and is well known for their poker tournaments. Also, have a go at some freeroll ones so you can get the grasp of things when playing poker online.

Freerolls are tournaments usually with small prize pools, but you can join them for free as there isn’t such a thing as a buy-in fee for those.

The Best Bitcoin Poker Tournaments

Best Bitcoin Casinos For Poker

There are many choices, but we will give you three of the best ones we already know and love.

Ignition Casino

They have been online since 2016 but their relationships to other top sites accepting Bitcoin like Bovada and has earned them an excellent reputation. They offer many games, but their poker room is their most prominent attraction.

You will find many freerolls with big prizes as well as many Bitcoin poker tournaments with prize pools reaching more than $1.5 million and some special events such as the Golden Spade which is on at the time of this writing with a prize pool of over $3 million.

There is also a rewards program which will award you tournament tickets or cash back as long as you earn points by playing and then exchanging them for your selected prize.


They are known for many things, and their poker tournaments are one of them. The welcome bonuses and various promotions offered on a constant basis make playing on BetOnline an excellent poker experience.

They offer a wide range of freerolls and regular tournaments with massive prize pools.


There have been negative reviews regarding their Blackjack games, but when it came to poker, all of them were positive. They offer many tournaments on a weekly basis. Just some days ago there was one called “Horror Tournament” which had a prize pool of more than $1,500 in Bitcoin.

Final Thoughts

Learning how to join a Bitcoin poker tournaments was never as easy as it is now. We hope that this guide made it even more of a hassle-free process.

Feel free to check out the best poker tournaments online we suggested in the last section of the article. Always remember to play responsibly and without the urge.

May you win every poker tournament you join. Good luck on your future Poker gambling adventures!

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