How To Play Poker Online

Everybody likes to have some fun from time to time. A significant percentage of people is keen on hanging out with friends while a smaller amount just wants to stay in and watch a movie. But what will you do when all these start getting boring after a while?

Many people try going online and gamble for fun as it is also an excellent way to make some money on a side. Poker is one of those action-packed games so today we are going to talk about how to play Poker online. Before doing so, it’s better to know some things first.

What Type of Online Casino Should You Choose?

What Type of Online Casino Should You Choose?

There are two primary options here. You could either try gambling on a platform that accepts fiat currencies or a casino that recognises cryptocurrencies. Both options have their ups and downs, and because of that, there are many online casinos and Poker rooms that accept both.

First, you have the regular ones. These casinos are licensed and certified to operate legally, and they accept fiat currencies. Sure, they are safer and more trustworthy, considering their background is in the open as most times the people who own these aren’t anonymous.

Usually, said online casinos have no geological restrictions meaning that players from all over the world can join them. If you have nothing to hide and aren’t suspicious of those sites distributing your details, then you have nothing to worry about.

On the downside, these casinos’ bonuses and transaction times can’t be in any way compared to the cryptocurrency-accepting ones.

When an individual chooses to use Bitcoin or any other form of cryptocurrency, it can be beneficial in many ways. First and foremost, is the high level of privacy. All cryptocurrencies that are used for gambling purposes are decentralised. Contrary to the fiat currencies, a decentralised one means that there isn’t a central banking system running things behind it. Everything runs on the online peer-to-peer network.

That way you don’t need to share personal details when registering on an online casino. You will have to buy Bitcoins, for example, using Coinbase or another exchange, where you will be asked to provide your card details and personal data.

Instead of the regular 100% bonuses up to a couple of hundred USD on your first deposit, when using a cryptocurrency, the limit can be much higher. For instance, CloudBet is an online Bitcoin-only casino that offers a first deposit bonus that can go as high as 5BTC which at the time of writing this article is equivalent to more than 20,000 USD!

Last but not least, are the transaction times, which instead of taking days to complete when using cryptocurrencies, can be instant due to the fact everything is done via the Internet and no banks interfere.

How to Play Poker Online

This isn’t a simple question as we would have to cover many things such as the type of game, tactics, bet limits and much more but lucky for you we will.

First, let’s talk about tactics. When you play Poker either online or in real life, you must pay attention to everything. Recognising a pattern in a player’s way of betting can give you the edge. So try and bait them into calling or betting while they think their hand is better than yours.

If you aren’t sure of when to join in by calling the first blinds, then there is a simple policy you can follow and integrate into your way of playing.

Try calling only when the dealt hand is a good pair like a couple of 10s or higher. You should also join in when you have a right combination such as two adjacent numbers of the same colour, e.g. two clubs or hearts.

Some of the most powerful combinations are also KA, QA, JQ, JK and many others of that sort. Now we will have a look on how you should choose your type of game.

You could either choose a standard table to play on or join a poker tournament which is what I would suggest and for very good reasons.

Let’s say you join a Sit n Go table, you would pay your buy-in just like anyone else, and as soon as enough players did the same then the game would start.

Following the tactics mentioned before you are guaranteed to be at least in the 5th or 4th place regarding how many players are left on the table. Then and only then should you start playing a little more aggressively. You may not win, but you could come in 2nd or 3rd place and win some money.

There is also a significant possibility the online casino you gamble on holds freeroll tournaments. This isn’t for high-rollers that much but you could still win a respectable amount of money should you choose to join one of them.

Now that we mentioned high-rollers it is high time you learn about some specific tables that are for more challenging players.

There are the high-limit tables where both blinds and bets aren’t any more in the tens of dollars but the hundreds or thousands of USD instead. Depending on your Poker experience these can make your or break you, and judging by the majority of people who would read an article like this, the latter would probably suit you more.

If you don’t know which type of Poker game you should play, we would advise you to start and stick with Hold’em. It can be both entertaining and challenging for your mind, and this is why the majority of the most experienced players prefer to play it.

However, keep in mind that it may be easy to learn the game, but it can be hard to master it as well.

Online Poker Tips

online bitcoin poker tournament

These are the basics on how to play Poker online, but we also have some tips for you.

Many of the online casinos that provide Poker games also offer the ability to join free tables on which only fake money are used. You could, and most likely should spend some time training, playing on such tables before you hit the big boys’ Poker rooms.

Furthermore, there are countless of free to play games like the widely known Texas Hold’em Poker provided by Zynga which you can play both from a computer and mobile devices. There is an infinite selection of similar games both on online platforms like Facebook and application stores like the Google Play Store for Android users and the App Store for those who own an iOS device instead.

This was everything you need to know on how to play Poker online. At least the basics before you start gambling on the Internet. Realistically no one can ever know everything there is to know about Poker or any other subject.

Although the one thing you can do to become as good as you possibly can is to train and keep on training every time you can. Nobody became a master of Poker in a week or so. It can take years or even decades to become a real professional of the game.

As always remember to play responsibly and without urges. If you do so, we can guarantee you that the only way your earnings dashboard will go when playing Poker online is up. Always keep in mind everything you learned today, and you will be good to go. Good luck on your Poker playing adventures.

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