Poker With Bitcoin: How & Where To Get Started

The reason you clicked on this article is that you are most likely a relatively new player in the online Bitcoin gambling world and want to learn how to get started. First of all, let me tell you that if you keep reading, you will find a lot of useful information helpful enough to get you ready.

We will talk about what Bitcoin exactly is and why you should use it to play online Poker and other games. Furthermore, we will cover some basic information on where and how to purchase Bitcoin, and thus start using playing online poker with Bitcoin. In the end, we have some extra tips for you, to give you the edge while playing online Poker.

What Is Bitcoin and Why to Use It When Playing Online

Play online poker with Bitcoin

Bitcoin was created in 2009 with the intention of becoming a digital currency – easy to use, quick to transfer money, and most importantly, without the government or banks constantly keeping an eye on your transactions. The primary purpose of Bitcoin was to give users as much anonymity and control over their many as possible.

Once you decide to start using Bitcoin for your gambling endeavours, you will be able to remain anonymous. And everything you win, won’t be accessible to banks or the government. That means there is no chance of getting your account frozen or tampered with and also zero taxes, which is one of the main highlights of using Bitcoin.

Apart from anonymity though, you will be safe from potential hackers who want to steal your money. Depending on which wallet you decide to choose, it will require not only the password but also the physical device too, may that be a hard drive or a particular USB-like stick.

Then again, there is a big drawback you must consider – the possibility of losing all your Bitcoins if the physical device gets destroyed in some way and cannot be accessed anymore, or if you lose a password. You have to remember that there is no way back with Bitcoin, once it’s gone, it’s gone forever.

Where and How to Buy Bitcoins

There are plenty different websites that provide exchange Bitcoin services that if we were to write about them all, it probably would take an eternity. So we will give you one of the best, if not the best, option you have – Coinbase.

Coinbase is easy to use cryptocurrency exchange, available for both computers and smartphone devices. It is US based, but they accept several currencies such as US Dollars, Euro, CAD, AUD, GBP and Singapore Dollars.

Apart from an online wallet, Coinbase also provides an offline storage, and insurance protection services, for currency stored on their servers. There are no deposit or withdrawal fees, but there is a small 1% flat fee for every time you purchase Bitcoin. You can buy and sell cryptocurrency using your bank account or your card, but bear in mind that card transactions will cost you an extra 5% fee.

Apart from that, there is another way you can earn Bitcoin by a process called “mining”. You can use your processor or graphics card to confirm the cryptocurrency transactions, in return, you will be rewarded with Bitcoins. Mining, however, has become an expensive endeavour, reserved for those who are already experienced with cryptocurrency and Bitcoin.

So, now that you know your Bitcoin basics let’s talk about how to get started playing Poker with Bitcoin.

How to Start Playing Poker with Bitcoin

Best Bitcoin Casinos For Poker

First of all, you need to know that there is a big percentage of gambling sites that haven’t begun accepting Bitcoin as a currency yet. But, not to worry – there are plenty of choices that are already ahead of its time and take Bitcoin as payment.

Two of the best casinos to play Poker with Bitcoin, as your primary currency, are BetOnline and Ignition casinos. Both sites provide an easy for beginners experience when it comes to online Poker games.

With great bonuses and an easy interface, with which you can register in a matter of minutes, you will be asked to deposit your preferred amount of money. Afterwards, you will be redirected to your online Bitcoin wallet to accept the transaction and Voila! You are ready to start playing.

Playing using Bitcoin is the same as playing using any other currency. You receive your bonuses and the rules in games are the same. But remember, if you play with Bitcoin your winnings cannot be taxed, and you keep your anonymity, so it’s a “two birds with one stone” case.

Which Poker Games Can You Play with Bitcoin

Just like with any other betting and gambling website on the world, you will find the same type of Poker games in Bitcoin online casinos. Hold’em, video poker, tournaments like sit-and-go and many other kinds.

But, many times, Bitcoin players receive large bonuses so that you will be greatly rewarded choosing it as a currency.

Tips for Playing Poker with Bitcoin

In the beginning, we mentioned tips for playing poker with Bitcoin. So what are they?

#1 Try playing responsibly and don’t bet big amounts until you get familiar with the Bitcoin’s different increments. Most online Bitcoin gambling websites give you the ability to play their games without betting real money, so it’s a good idea to practice a bit until you get accustomed to the desired game’s style.

#2 Some sites provide special bonuses if you show a particular hand like a Royal Flush for example, and you can get a small amount of money instantly for that like 5 or 10$. What you always have to know is that these sites don’t just give away money. To be able to withdraw the winnings, you are required to gamble with the bonus you have to meet a minimum wage requirement such as a 30x or 40x times betting the bonus’ amount.

#3 Keep in mind that you are a beginner and you have to be careful of the sites you pick to gamble with. Always check if the site has a license for gambling purposes and whether its games are certified as “provably fair”. Many of them will provide you with the code running behind the game so you can see for yourself that the house doesn’t have an unfair edge and that everything is legit. This information is enough to get you started betting with Bitcoin when playing online Poker games.


Bitcoin poker how and where to play it

Having read all these, you are pretty much ready to go out there and start gambling on your preferred Bitcoin online Poker casino. If you have practised enough and paid close attention to our advice, then you have nothing to lose, well except your money that is, in case you don’t play right.

You will remain safe and anonymous, and you get to keep all your money without the government getting their hands on your earnings. Trust me when I say these things, I am a player myself, and you always have to look out and be careful with your money.

Don’t bet huge amounts and go all in with a pair of 7s as the chances you win are very small to none, especially if there are many players on the current table you will be playing on.

If you have any questions about the casino you are playing with, make sure to check their FAQs as there is a high possibility the staff has already answered your question. That’s all; this has been a complete and insightful guide on how to get started playing online Poker with Bitcoin!


Let us know in the comments below if you have already tried any of the casinos above and what were your experiences!

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