7 Cryptocurrencies You Can Use To Play Poker Online

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to appear but soon after its rise to fame more and more starting popping up afterwards. Some gambling sites recognized that and decided to start accepting them as a form of currency.

Using real money to gamble online can be such a hassle with all the personal details you provide and share online. Someone thought of that problem, privacy, some years ago and decided to develop a cryptographic form of money that turned out to be our beloved cryptocurrencies.

Sure Bitcoin was the first to appear but soon after its rise to fame more and more starting popping up afterwards. Some gambling sites recognized that and decided to start accepting them as a form of currency. Today we take a look at the top seven cryptocurrencies you can use to play Poker online because let’s face it, Poker is where all the real money is.

Why Use Cryptocurrency to Gamble Online

Cryptocurrency gambling

Cryptocurrencies are all decentralised – meaning that no banks have jurisdiction over transactions made using them. So your details are protected, and you can stay anonymous while using them to gamble on online casinos.

Another good reason is the bonuses. Usually, gambling websites will provide new players with a 100% match bonus on their first deposit, but for real currencies most times this can’t go higher than some hundreds of dollars. This is where cryptocurrencies step in.

Top 7 Cryptocurrencies You Can Use To Play Poker Online

Bonuses and promotions are great when you use cryptocurrencies for your online gambling endeavours. Let’s start mentioning them, shall we?

Play poker online with Bitcoin

Being the first cryptocurrency to ever exist in the world most gambling sites were reluctant about developing a system so they could start accepting it as a form of currency. But some did and saw that players preferred it over the others so just in a couple of years Bitcoin became synonymous with anonymous gambling.

Bonuses are great with Bitcoin, and many online casinos give out the highest you can find compared to others. Bovada, where the vast selection of Poker games is the reason so many people love that site, offers a 100% initial deposit bonus which can reach 5BTC which at the time of writing this article is equivalent to more than 20,000 USD.

Some other famous and trustworthy casinos that accept Bitcoin as a form of currency are Ignition, BitStarz, Oshi and many others.

If you are looking for pure poker experience check out our Americas Cardroom review here – it’s one of the fastest growing poker communities in the US and you should definitely have a look!

Play online poker with Ethereum

Being around for just two years can be difficult and can take much more time before people start noticing and trusting you. This isn’t the case with Ethereum. Imagine – Ethereum is like a Bitcoin on steroids.

It can be even more secure and safe to gamble with than the famous cryptocurrency as it is based on a new model many online casino sites have already started to implement. This is also the reason Ethereum is one of the best cryptocurrencies you can use to play Poker online with.

Virtue Poker is an upcoming platform that will provide the best Poker experience for players and will be safe and fair to play there. This happens because with said system data is transferred through the players’ computers instead of running entirely on a server.

Some reputable online casinos that already accept Ethereum, or Ether as it is often referred to, are Crypto-games, LuckyGames, and FortuneJack along with many others.

Online poker with Litecoin

Litecoin is another famous cryptocurrency widely used in the online gambling world. Its main differences with Bitcoin are two. First, it uses another type of algorithm which is more complicated and thus many people who mine data pay much more money for devices that can run it.

The second reason is the four times smaller time in which it can read data which is also the same reason Litecoin is one of the fastest cryptocurrencies when it comes to the speed of transactions. That’s why many online gambling sites prefer it over other currencies, even real ones in some cases. This is also why Litecoin is one of the best cryptocurrencies you can use to play Poker online.

Some great sites you can play Poker on that accept Litecoin are 1xBit, Betcoin.ag, FortuneJack and Bitcoin Penguin.

Online poker with Dogecoin

The popular doge meme Shiba Inu dog is the reason this cryptocurrency was made, to begin with. Who thought that something initially created as a joke would become one of the most prominent and most widely distributed cryptographic forms of money?

It has been used as a currency to raise funds for non-profit reasons. Its capitalisation is approximately 340 million USD, and many online casinos have started accepting it. The transaction times are even faster than Litecoin’s as Dogecoin has a block reading speed of only 1 minute compared to Litecoin’s 2.5 minutes.

Some online casinos that accept it are 1xBit, FortuneJack, LuckyGames, Bitcoin Penguin and a Poker centralised gambling site named PokerShibes as well as a significant selection of others.

Online gambling with Namecoin

The first cryptocurrency to use a big part of the original Bitcoin’s source code. Namecoin was created and implemented initially by a person wanting to claim a reward that would be given to the first individual to do so.

One of the best sites you can play Poker and many other games on is FortuneJack which is also the biggest and most reliable one that accepts Namecoin. A few others allow it too and the three we could find are MoneroDice and Bit777, which are provably fair.

All in all, it is a useful and reliable cryptocurrency, but we wouldn’t suggest using it to gamble online as the selection of places that accept it is minimal.

Play poker with Dash

Dash is even more private than Bitcoin, and that is why more and more casinos start implementing it into their transaction systems. Players like their anonymity and Dash can provide them with precisely that.

Crypto-Games, LuckyGames and FortuneJack are only some of the gambling websites that recognise it as an acceptable currency as well as the Poker fan favourite Betcoin Poker.

Cryptocurrency gambling with Novacoin

The last widely known cryptocurrency you can use to play Poker with is Novacoin which has similar value to Litecoin, so it is also a good source of money many people that work on the data mining business use.

As for the number of casinos that accept it you won’t be surprised as there are only three major ones. They are Satoshi Roulette and Winvery Casino, the latter of which features Poker games, as well as the casino that accepts the most cryptocurrencies among all other gambling sites, FortuneJack.


When it comes to gambling, these are the absolute best seven cryptocurrencies you can use to play Poker online with. There are some others, not so popular cryptocurrencies, like Clam, Peercoin, Monero, and Fujicoin. They are all accepted by the beloved reliable and completely trustworthy FortuneJack online casino.

No matter which one of the mentioned cryptocurrencies you end up using to play Poker online, we can guarantee you an enjoyable and safe experience which can be completely private as well.

So all you gamblers get out there and start playing some Poker. May your dealt hand be a beautiful couple of Aces. You already know which sites and cryptocurrencies are the best, so we wish you good luck on your upcoming gambling adventures!

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