Playing Poker With Cryptocurrencies: What Coins To Use

You can play online and especially with cryptocurrencies, things are way better in every single way imaginable. We are going to talk about how playing Poker with cryptocurrencies can prove to be very profitable.

nPoker. The game of professional gamblers.

If you have played the most popular variation f the game, Texas Hold’em, then you have a pretty good idea of how hard this game is.

Easy to learn but extremely hard to master, a process which can take years. Gladly, with the rise of technology, you are no longer required to visit a physical casino to play Poker.

You can play online and especially with cryptocurrencies, things are way better in every single way imaginable. So today we are going to talk about how playing Poker with cryptocurrencies can prove to be very profitable.

Playing Poker With Cryptocurrencies

Is it an answer to anti-gambling laws?

There is not a single law in the world that prohibits the use of cryptocurrencies when playing table games such as Blackjack, Baccarat, and Poker. Therefore, yes, it can be a way to bypass the anti-gambling laws while being on the legal side of things.

However, depending on the country of your residence specific laws may apply that prohibit the use of cryptocurrencies or online gambling in general. These two could contradict with the previous one in a way that they indirectly make it illegal as well.

The good thing is that most online casinos base their operations in another country from the one they serve. For example, Bovada which is the number one cryptocurrency casino for US-based players is hosted in Canada.

Countries like this one often have very flexible laws when it comes to online gambling. Rarely will you see a major renowned online casino being run from within the country it serves.

7 Great Cryptocurrencies to Play Poker With!

Indeed there are a few good ones you could use to play Poker on the Internet. We have already published a piece on that but let’s take another look.

#1 Bitcoin

The most popular cryptocurrency and also the very first one to be created. It is mainly used for online anonymous transactions and for that way it was picked up by many major online casinos as well.

CloudBet and BetOnline provide some of the very best bonuses and Poker tournaments you can currently find on the Internet.

Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry – our ultimate guide to bitcoin poker will help you begin your adventure!

Remember that if an online casino asks you to provide any personal details like where you live or your real name then steer away.

The whole purpose of using Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency when gambling is complete anonymity thus something like that would defeat it.

See the top 10 Bitcoin casinos here >>

#2 Ethereum

Apart from featuring some of the fastest transaction speeds you can find among most other major cryptocurrencies, Ethereum will also start getting used to play Poker. There is a new platform on the way called Virtue Poker.

The creators want to revolutionize the way online Poker works by implementing the use of Ethereum in order to gamble. This is a project still in development and it will probably launch near the end of 2018.

See out top Ethereum based casinos >>

#3 Litecoin

It is the third most accepted cryptocurrency that, after Bitcoin and Ethereum, can be used to play online Poker. It features a two and a half minutes Block’s processing speed compared to Bitcoin’s ten minute one.

Because of that, the transactions are four times faster and many sites like the renowned FortuneJack offer Poker games you can play when gambling using Litecoin.

#4 Dash

Even though most online casinos don’t accept Dash you should know that (at the time of writing) it is the fourth biggest cryptocurrency when it comes to market capitalization – 4 billion US dollars to be exact.

At first, it was used for relatively small transactions but as soon as its price started going up some online casinos started accepting it as well.

One Dash coin is currently priced at approximately 520$ USD and the cryptocurrency is accepted on FortuneJack, Crypto-Games, LuckyGames, and Betcoin Poker.

#5 Dogecoin

With a market capitalization of more than 350$ million many casinos like FortuneJack, Bitcoin Penguin, LuckyGames, and 1xBit have started accepting it.

Its block reading speed is only one minute so it’s actually faster than most other major cryptocurrencies.

#6 Namecoin

This cryptocurrency is almost like a clone of Bitcoin as to how similar they work and have the exact same block reading speeds. You can use this one to play Poker on FortuneJack and Bit777.

There is another online casino called Monerodice but you can’t use Namecoin to play Poker there.

#7 Novacoin

A relatively cheap coin currently prices at 4.82$ and having a market capitalization of only 8$ million. Still, it can be used to play Poker on some sites.

These are Winvery Casino and FortuneJack. Satoshi Roulette also accepts it but this isn’t a Poker game.


Honestly, we didn’t know if this one was good enough to add to our list. There has been a conversation on the bitcointalk forum and TILT was announced as an all-new cryptocurrency mainly targeted towards Poker players.

However, a site they provided called didn’t seem to work when we tested it. Only time will prove if this cryptocurrency is going to be a big step forward for us online Poker players.

There are also four other cryptocurrencies that can be used to play Poker online but hardly only a few casinos accept them. These are Fujicoin, Monero, Clam, and Peercoin.

Bitcoin Poker Tournaments

3 of The Best Online Casinos You Can Play Poker At

Playing Poker with cryptocurrencies can be pretty easy if you find the right casino for you. There are many that offer a Poker room but these three are the absolute best ones.

#1 FortuneJack

This online casino accepts such a wide variety of cryptocurrencies that it has made it into the top 10 online casinos in the world based on their user count. They provide a great Poker room with a live casino option. Sometimes big tournaments will be held, both regular and freerolls, featuring pretty big prize pools.

#2 Americas Cardroom

We would recommend this casino to everyone because they simply have at least one game a gambler will love playing. As for their Poker room, the bonuses couldn’t be any better.

Access to a new player 5,000$ freeroll tournament, double the amount you first deposit, 100,000$ guaranteed prize pool on selected tournaments, bounty tournaments.

Also, there is a 7,500$ tournament held every week night. And get this, there is also a 130,000$ prize pool in tournaments held on the weekends.

#3 Ignition Casino

Straight from the top! They are one of the Best Partners family’s site and the bonuses they offer couldn’t be any better.

Get up to 2,000$ in welcome bonuses. They offer more than 2,500$ in weekly freeroll tournaments and special ones are held all the time.

They also offer the Ignition Casino rewards program where based on the tier your profile is in you will get daily cashback percentage bonuses. They even offer rewards if you hit a specific hand while playing Poker like a Royal Flush for example.

Ignition Casino is mostly dedicated to European players so if you are based in the US then check out their sister site, Bovada, which offers pretty much the same Poker room and bonuses.

Tips For Playing (CryptoCurrency) Poker Online

When playing Poker with cryptocurrencies you must be careful about the type of game you choose to play. Try going for Sit-n-Go tournaments instead of just hopping in the first regular table you may find.

That way you can increase the possible profits. If you use some specific tactics you can win even more.

A good one we have personally tested multiple times is to only join the current round if your hand has a specific minimum strength. What do we mean by that?

Say, for example, that you have 5♥ 3♠. Then you wouldn’t call and join the round.

You should only go in when you have a pair of 9s at least, a good combination like 10J, KA, QA, or anything else of this nature, if you have two of the same suit like A♦3♦ or two adjacent ones like 910, JQ, which are pretty strong and so on.

If you go in only under these circumstances your chance of winning is way bigger than the other times your hand wasn’t as powerful.

Another good tip is to use Freeroll tournaments to your advantage. Always join them when they are available as they are a free way to make money.

No buy-ins and a guaranteed prize pool is the best thing an online Poker player could ever ask for. Don’t let your chances flee.

Best Bitcoin Casinos For Poker


Playing online poker with cryptocurrencies should be way easier after reading our article. We have other pieces on our site that can help you with that so take a look after you’ve finished reading this one.

Even though you can use many crypto currencies and sites to play Poker we would recommend going with Bitcoin and BetOnline as they are the best combination.

May you win every bet you make. Good luck with your future online cryptocurrency Poker gambling adventures!

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