The Best ICOs For Online Poker

Chances are that you’re reading this article because you are a Poker player. You like playing with cryptocurrencies, right?

We get it! Who wouldn’t like having complete anonymity while gambling on the Internet with complete strangers?

However, you must be wondering how all these cryptocurrencies came to be so successful and how in the world some people got to be the first owners of them.

In order to answer this question, you must first understand the concept of ICOs. So after we explain what that is we are going to discuss which are the best ICOs for online Poker. So stay tuned until the end.

What Does ICO Mean?

Initial coin offering

You must have heard at least once in your life about some of those sites that help companies or just ambitious people to launch a new product.

Kickstarter and IndieGoGo are the two most popular ones but these help other people fund their upcoming products.

But the word “Fund” is missing something. The word “Crowdfunding” should work better though. This is where cryptocurrencies come in.

Let’s say that there is a new one coming out and the owners don’t have the necessary funds to cover all the costs of the new coin’s launch. What will they do?

The answer is ICO! This small three character word is short for Initial Coin Offering and just like with every other product it means that there is the option for some people to back it up.

But this isn’t actually a product so how would these people get something in return. Well, you guessed it, they will get some of those coins and they will be the complete owner of those coins and thus small shareholders.

Why Should You Invest In ICOs?

Bitcoin was the very first cryptocurrency to be publicly distributed. As with any other digital form of money, the ICO value of Bitcoin was only some cents. Some months in it went up to 1$.

Let’s say that you invested a few dollars on it like, for example, 10$ and bought 10 bitcoins. That may seem like little back then but if you kept them and sold them now, after 8 years, you would be moderately rich.

But why is that? ICOs is the smartest thing an upcoming cryptocurrency company can do. At the same moment, it sells all the coins available at the time and raised awareness that something new just hit the market.

Previously we mentioned the case of Bitcoin and that is started out with a value of hardly 1$. At the time of this writing the current value of 1, not 10, one bitcoin is almost 18,000$.

If you were to sell those 10 bitcoins you were holding onto for 8 years you would have a 179,990$ profit! Crazy, right!?

You should try investing in such upcoming cryptocurrencies that look promising as by spending some dollars and going into a small risk you may turn to be a millionaire after a short time.

The Best ICOs for Online Poker

So it is about time that we take a look at the best ICOs for online Poker and how they can be used in order to make thousands or even millions of dollars. Let’s begin!


Cash poker pro ICO

Simple. Straight to the point. Self-advertising. Those three small sentences characterize the importance of the CASH ICO in such a few words.

This coin or cryptocurrency if you like it better is the new currency offered by the Cash Poker Pro platform which is going to revolutionize the style in which we play Poker online.

At the time it is believed to be one of the best ICOs for online Poker and no one can disagree with that statement!
Don’t you think even for a minute that this is going to be “just another Poker room”?

Partially yes, it will be a Poker platform but unlike any other, you have seen or experienced before. Sure, you will be able to play but the real money isn’t there.

Those that were fast enough and got to the ICO managed to purchase some CASH. According to speculations owners of that cryptocurrency are going to have a 20% profit every month after the launch of the platform.


But why is that? Ever heard of the House Edge concept, it is a small percentage of money online casinos get to keep for each hand played, every bet placed etc.

On the Cash Poker Pro platform, you will be able to purchase your own tables thus becoming the “house” yourself and earning money out of all the bets placed on that particular table(s) you own. Without even playing you can make thousands or even millions of dollars.

Actually, you are going to earn CASH but it can be exchanged for Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any fiat currency (real money). Everything is going to be provably fair and no funny business will be going on.

The platform is believed to get so much exposure that you will actually be able to enter the game through the “Facebook Messenger” app on your smartphone or tablet! Still having second thoughts about ICOs?

Coin Poker

Yes, both the cryptocurrency and the name of the platform that offers it has the same exact name. However, this “Poker room” isn’t going to be like the previously mentioned one.

Instead of being built on a new blockchain it will be using that of Ethereum’s. The Pre-ICO sold out in only 6 days! The Coin Poker ICO will open in January-February and it will start becoming available for purchase in exchange sites in February.

The platform will launch later in February and just two months later in the beginning of April, it will be available for Android and iOS devices!

15% of the initial ICO will return to the community through various bonuses and promotions that are going to be offered on the platform.

As it is Ethereum based, Coin Poker is going to provide a completely provably fair Poker gambling experience. Of course, the CHP (short for Coin Poker’s cryptocurrency) will be available to exchange, purchase, and sell for fiat money.

Ace Busters

Ace Busters ICO

We have talked several times about this platform before and we are going to talk about it once more. Ace Busters will work based on the Ethereum market but there have been conversations about an ICO being evolved as well.

Even though it isn’t certain we had to mention it as it is probably going to become one of the best and biggest Poker playing cryptocurrency platforms in the whole world.

According to their milestone timeline, the platform is believed to reach the public somewhere in the last quarter of 2018.

How To Spot a Good ICO?

As these are the best ICOs for online Poker currently available it is about time that we take a look at how you could actually spot a good and upcoming ICO.

Investing in such thing can get you millions of dollars in profit but who will you know? The first thing you would have to do is read, read, and once again read more.

There are countless online sources like the BitcoinTalk forum and various others where you can easily find out about new upcoming ICO so make sure that you keep an eye out for such.

If you aren’t that good at spotting new ICOs then a good solution for you would be to invest on existing cryptocurrencies as well.

With the rise of Bitcoin’s price, the majority of people failed to notice how much the other cryptocurrencies’ prices increased. Ethereum reached a new all-time high at almost $700 and Ripple is also on fire but not many people realized that.

It would be a good time to invest and wait for their prices to go even higher and then it would be the best time to sell and make tons of money.


Initial Coin Offering Currencies

We know what you are thinking, only three? Yes, only three because this article isn’t about ICOs in general. It is about the best ICOs for online Poker that can be used now or in later times for this sole purpose, gambling on Poker.

However, if you are in the mood we would strongly advise you to check them out and be on the outlook for such ICOs. Remember what we said multiple times in this article.

And if what you’re after is an established and more reliable cryptocurrency than ICO, check our guide to the best cryptocurrencies to play poker with.

These things can make you rich before you can even realize it. Now go on and purchase some now that there are still some available. Good luck!

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