The Best Ethereum Gambling Sites Of 2020

We have picked the Best Ethreum Gambling Sites of 2018 as the cryptocurrency gambling is getting larger with every day. We are also explaining the difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum and pros & cons of crypto gambling.

Yes, Bitcoin is the best by far, and everyone loves using it.

We get it, why would you want to change out of the blue and start gambling with another cryptocurrency.

First of all, Bitcoin isn’t the actual best as many other cryptocurrencies provide even faster processing times and smaller transaction fees.

Ethereum, for example, is one of them and this is why today we would like to discuss the best Ethereum gambling sites of 2020.

Do the “new” faces in cryptocurrency gambling deserve to start getting used by a bigger number of players? Let’s find out!

Ethereum vs Bitcoin

Before we talk about the gambling sites where people can use Ethereum to gamble, we would first like to tackle the differences between Ethereum vs Bitcoin.

For more information about Ethereum, check our article on Ethereum gambling pros and cons.

Transaction Times

Bitcoin’s average block reading speed is about 10-12 minutes whereas Ethereum’s is closer to 15-30 seconds.

This means that as soon as your withdraw application gets approved the funds will probably be already on their way to your cryptocurrency wallet.

Thus transactions when using it to gamble online will be notably faster compared to Bitcoin.


It wasn’t a coincidence that we previously referred to Ethereum and Bitcoin as the two kings of cryptocurrency.

Those two are actually on the top of the market capitalisation list among all other currencies of their kind.

In fact, at the time of this writing Bitcoin’s price has almost reached the $18,000 US mark. That means that its market capitalisation has finally reached 300 billion as we predicted about a month ago in a previous article.

However, Bitcoin isn’t the only cryptocurrency breaking records as the price of Ethereum has also been going crazy.

But why does that matter so much if you are just a gambler?

Because you can mine it using your computer, unlike Bitcoin which needs specialised hardware to do so.

That means that you can make money out of nothing and then use it to gamble on the Internet and multiply it!


This is one of Ethereum’s cons as due to its nature you aren’t usually going to find any bonuses offered to players using it. Why does this happen though?

When using Ethereum, you will not be asked to create an account and thus deposit money to your profile.

Instead, you will have to link your cryptocurrency wallet to the site instantly, and no one is going to give you money for free as you would be able to take it and walk away without even having to meet a rollover at first.

Smart Contracts

These two words are synonymous to provably fair gaming as they contribute to the system taking care of the smooth gaming process.

Most Ethereum accepting gambling sites will let you check out the code also known as “smart contract” running behind their games so that you can be sure nothing shady is going on.

These are the basics you need to know to get started gambling using Ether, which is the cryptocurrency offered from the Ethereum network.

Best Ethereum Gambling Sites of 2020

These are the six best Ethereum gambling sites of 2018 based on our insights and predictions.

Crypto-games the best Ethereum gabling sites 2018

This website doesn’t only accept Ethereum, but it also allows you to use a wide variety of other cryptocurrencies as well.

Those are Bitcoin, Dash, Dogecoin, Grid Coin, Litecoin, Peercoin, Stratis, Monero, and finally another type of cryptocurrency provided by the site itself called Play Money.

They are already popular enough to be worthy of getting mentioned in our article, and because of that we also believe they are going to be one of the best Ethereum gambling sites of 2018.

On Crypto Games, you are going to find seven games.

These are Dice, Slot, Blackjack, Roulette, Video Poker, Plinko, and Lotto.

They also offer one of the best and highest Faucets, which in case you aren’t accustomed to, is a kind of free money a part of which you can claim every time a specific amount of minutes pass by.

On their site, you can get free coins (12.3 satoshis) per 3 minutes, and you will start with 300 satoshis (Bitcoin’s smallest denomination).


FortuneJack the best ethereum gabling sites 2018

Even though FortuneJack is a well-known Bitcoin casino it does accept a wide variety of other cryptocurrencies as well, one of them being Ethereum.

However, you can only access their Dice game as all of the other games require either Bitcoin or one of the other accepted cryptocurrencies to be accessed and enable you to bet on them.

Read our FortuneJack review for more information.

Virtue Poker

It isn’t so much a gambling site but more on a platform instead.

In fact, it hasn’t even launched yet, and this is why we think it will make a boom as soon as it goes live at the end of 2018.

But why is it so great that we think it is going to be one of the best Ethereum gambling sites of 2018?

The answer is relatively simple.

Because it is going to revolutionise the way you gamble on Poker online.

How? The launcher will enable you and every other user on it to connect their cryptocurrency wallet and play using Ether. But why is this different?

Well, because of various reasons.

First of all, you will be anonymous.

Second, the network is going to be built in a way that no one can tamper with the results, and neither is there a need to do so as there isn’t going to be a central server or system held accountable for the platform.

It will run on top of Ethereum’s blockchain in its entirety, and this is one of those features that make it so damn amazing!

There are rumours of dealers not even being offered and that a player is going to be the dealer changing each round in a clockwise fashion.

This project has already been funded and backed by famous players acting as consultants to make the platform better, three of those players all being WSOP bracelet winners.

They are Dan Colman and Brian Rast as well as the Poker prodigy Phil Ivey!

Read our Virtue Poker review for more information.

Ace Busters

Acebusters the best ethereum casino of 2018

Just like with most other gambling sites on this list, Ace Busters are relatively new and haven’t fully launched yet.

Still, they are relatively similar to how Virtue Poker is going to work but not on such a significant level as the latter one.

You can check out the BETA version and maybe even bet with some Ethereum as well.

However, the fully functional version of the platform is believed to reach the public somewhere in the last quarter of 2018.

That is another similarity they have with Virtue Poker. What a happy coincidence!

Well, apparently 2018 is going to be the year of Ethereum Poker.

This is just another platform that is still in the making as only a demo has been released and not even an actual BETA version.

Although, they state on their site that “Beta is coming soon” so the only thing left to do is just to wait.


Etheroll casino the best Ethereum casino of 2018

Here is a site that has been online for some time now and it has and probably will be one of the best Ethereum gambling sites of 2018.

On the platform, only a single game is offered and it, of course, is an Ethereum classic called DICE.

You select your chances of winning, place your bet, and then roll the dice.

If you win, then you get the respective multiplier on your bet and earn money. If you lose you lose and there is nothing that you can do about it.

For more information, read our Etheroll review.

Final Thoughts

Bitcoin vs Ethereum is, was, and is going to be an ongoing battle probably for many years to come or just until some better cryptocurrency emerges.

However, as this article was all about Ethereum, these were the top 6 platforms we believe are going to be the best Ethereum gambling sites of 2020.

Even at the time of this writing some of them are available so why don’t you go on and visit them.

Doing that you could check out how gambling with Ethereum feels like. Test your luck on them, and you might even get to make some money out of it. Good luck!

And if you’re really into Ethereum-based gambling, check our guide to the best exchanges you can buy Ethereum for online gambling.

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