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The professional poker sphere is a very turbulent uphill and only a few rise to the top. Read what it takes to reach the top and the money that professional poker players deal with.

We would like to start by stating that becoming a professional poker player is a journey that not many are able to start. It is a very hard-fought road, many people aim to become one of the best but it is not as easy as just simply playing a few tournaments, it takes a very long time, with many losses and a lot of money. You cannot be disheartened easily by other players skill, talent and money. 

Poker opens a playing field for all, but not all are able to play in it. A lot of people try it out once or twice but usually losing money to learn a new skill in the gambling world is not one which a lot of people find as their cup of tea. The reality is that becoming a real professional poker player sounds very attractive, and everyone believes that they have the skill set required to succeed. There are always famous players like Chris Moorman who are always showing great results, but this a tiny percentage of people.

We also have to take into consideration the expenses of a poker player. The buy-ins for tournaments can be very expensive, not to mention the travel costs, taxes and other things of the sort. Obviously, between online and offline casinos things change quite drastically but the idea is still the same.

It would be smart to play a bit of online poker before you go to the offline one. The reason being is that with online poker you can easily learn how to play, learn the hands, rules and actions a player can or cannot do. It does not replicate exactly the feeling of playing in an actual casino or tournament but it is very smart to learn the basic skill set beforehand. © 2020 Available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial license.

How Much Money Is Involved?

That being said, it is without a doubt that poker is a high-risk, high-reward game, and the reward can be very big. You can play small, safe bets, but at one point or another, you are going to have to show up with a good large bet. Top professional players can make around $5,000,000 per year playing poker. These players know the ins and outs of the game so profoundly, they study as many outcomes as possible and know the math better than anyone. 

We can take a look at Bryn Kenney and his famous 2019 run. He went from grinding on online poker platforms to managing to reach the $56 Million mark in lifetime winnings. He entered the Triton Million in London with one of the largest buy-ins with £1,050,000. He managed to walk away with $20.5 Million prize. These are the numbers that professional players aspire to reach and some actually manage. You won’t find these numbers at a normal table, you need to enter tournaments and fight your way to the top.

Here we are obviously looking at the topmost players in one of the biggest tournaments in the world, but it is a peak, and the peak should be an aspiration to all who look at the professional poker sphere. People like Daniel Negreanu, Erik Seidel and Justin Bonomo all had to look to the top in order to reach the peak. These players have made millions in collective earnings, they have stopped playing with small pots ages ago but in order to take the leap, you must learn and be proactive in this community.

The top players in tournaments make millions in poker tournaments but one skillset which surely not everyone has is the ability to not break under pressure. A large wager can break almost anyone, for a professional player to make his/her way to the top they need to not break or show signs of fear or tension, all this while thinking about their next move.

Photo of Bryn Kenny holding winners trophy
Bryn Kenny

What Does It Take To Become A Pro?

Firstly, one must understand the game. We are not talking about simply knowing the hands very well and knowing how to play the game. There are so many ins and outs, guides and informational videos on how to play offline poker that we can’t possibly start mentioning them here. Bitpokerstar uploaded an article, aimed specifically for beginners looking to start playing poker with the aim of joining tournaments. If you are a beginner of the sport be sure to read this as it may prove to be useful. It discusses hands, what actions a player can do. Research and understanding go without saying, but this article may prove to be a good start for beginners looking for a clearer picture.

After this, get playing! Start playing in a more serious manner. Always keep in mind that you may be playing solid poker but have a string of bad cards, always keep playing good smart bets and the outcome will prove to be fruitful. When you think you have become good enough, start entering local tournaments. Poker is a massive game and there will surely be tournaments around if you look hard enough. 

Tournaments will start giving you a feel about how the game works in a more serious environment, here stakes are higher and there is much more running in one simple game. This will also expose you to new characters in poker and this will help you be prepared for future games and events. Do not expect to win and become a pro in a short amount of time because it is a long uphill. 

There are a lot of number lists online that will guarantee you becoming the best and becoming a professional in no time, here at BIT POKER STAR we suggest one simple thing, which is to practice. At every opportunity, you get let it be a friendly game, or a game with actual bets just play, and expose yourself.


If you enjoy what you are doing and the beautiful art that is poker you will start entering communities of poker who discuss different aspects of poker, online forums are always the best to get a feel of how different people are tackling poker. When one is looking for online forums the first place to go is always to join r/poker. Reddit is always a great pool of information and a good start for anyone looking to learn more and understand what other people are thinking, concerns, insights and other of the sort.

Use Reddit as a launchpad for books, videos and articles, it is also a good platform to stay updated with current tournaments and favourite poker players that can teach and inspire you. 

All in all, this is a game where the amount of time and hours you invest in it you can get back if you play smart, be invested in the sphere and mort importantly enjoy it. Not everyone can be a pro but everyone who plays poker can enjoy it if they understand it well.

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Final Words

For our final remarks, we want to remind the player of two important things when engaging with poker. Firstly, be smart and wise with the money you spend. Playing poker seriously requires a lot of time and money, this is an investment and if one is not ready to put it, is unsure or has doubts then stay back and be cautious. Winning large amounts of money is something that only a few will ever achieve. Everyone can have a stroke of luck but be sure to be aware of when you are lucky or you are playing smart, solid poker. Here at BIT POKER STAR we urge caution and mindfulness so that you can play wisely.

Secondly, we want you to enjoy the game. Poker is a very fun game to play, you can spend a little money and enjoy playing the game. Not everyone is called to be the best and that is perfectly ok. The casino offers a lot of fun games you can also try, Blackjack and Roulette are two very famous games for a reason. They offer a lot of tension, adrenaline and entertainment. You can still lose but still enjoy your time. Make sure that poker is something that remains fun for you and everyone on the table.

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